Black Bear Diner Menu









Food with Calories

Huckleberry Lemonade (270 cals.)
One refill
Lemonade (280 cals.)
One refill
Arnold Palmer (140 cals.)
One refill
Assorted Juices (180-270 cals.)
Fresh Squeezed O.J. (140 cals.)
Hot Coffee (0 cals.)
Iced Cold Brew Coffee (0 cals.)
Iced Tea (0 cals.)
Sweet Tea (160 cals.)
Hot Tea (0 cals.)
Iced Cold Brew Coffee Creamy Vanilla OR Mocha (340-400 cals.)
Pepsi® (250 cals.)
Diet Pepsi® (0 cals.)
Dr. Pepper® (240 cals.)
Sierra Mist® (240 cals.)
Mug Root Beer® (260 cals.)
Mtn Dew® (290 cals.)
2% Milk $2.49 – $2.99
Small (180 cals.) , Large (240 cals.)
Hot Chocolate (80 cals.)
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