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Papa Gino’s Pizzeria serves American-style pizza and was first established in East Boston, Massachusetts in 1961. The restaurant’s name at the time was “Piece O’ Pizza,” but years later, founders Helen and Michael Valerio changed the name of their business to Papa Gino’s.

Papa Gino’s has a number of 97 restaurants across the United States, and the restaurant usually opens at 9:30 a.m. and closes 10:00 p.m. As of recent, the restaurant chain is owned by Wynnchurch Capital LLC. Papa Gino’s menu consists of a variety of pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, salads, subs, and much more. The restaurants’ large pizza is quite unique. Each pizza is crafted from handmade dough that is stretched just like a Neapolitan pizza.

Fun fact: You may recognize Papa Gino’s as the pizza place that handed out 1 million pizzas after the Patriots’ victory over the Steelers this past September.

Here are the latest Papa Gino’s menu prices.

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