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Planet Sub is an American fast-food restaurant that opened its doors in 1979. Since then, the restaurant has made huge progress in the expansion of their business and serve customers in an excellent manner. The restaurants’ opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday in several locations across the United States.

Planet Subs’ menu is comprised of a variety of tortilla wraps, salads, romaine wraps, subs, soups, and a whole lot more. The restaurant ensures that the bread that is served on a daily basis is freshly baked and has that homemade feel.

Each vegetable used is garden-fresh, and the meats, as well as the variety of cheeses, are cut up on a regular basis. Furthermore, the sauces and guacamole are always done from scratch. The majority of Planet Subs’ locations do deliveries as well as pick-ups, however, this is based on one’s location and additional fees may be applied.

Below is a list of the latest Planet Sub menu prices.

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