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Getting bored of overstuffed cheeseburgers? Craving for something healthy and authentic to take you away from your usual extra crispy chicken tenders and fried mozzarella cheese sticks order? Get ready because I will take you to the Mediterranean where homemade Greek lemon chicken soup, taziki dip, herb-roasted pork loin, and chicken basil-pesto gyros are waiting for you!I’m sorry, I won’t actually be taking you to the Mediterranean, but I’ll take you to the next best thing – Taziki’s Mediterranean Café. The fast casual chain, based in Birmingham, Alabama, has over 80 locations across 16 states that welcome food lovers looking for authentic gyros, sandwiches, soups, salads, and various other types of feasts! The restaurant chain has embraced the Mediterranean lifestyle, especially in their diet. They offer primarily plant-based, healthy oils over butter, herbs and spices for optimal flavor, and limit red meat in favor of fish and poultry.

If that sounds too fancy for you, I’ll tell you something – these guys are anything but fancy! They are a family of big-hearted foodies who want to make an impact on their communities. Sharing the impactful and everyday moments of life over a delicious meal with loved ones is the core value of the company! This is, after all, what we live for – great moments with great people over a great meal!

Looking forward to visiting Taziki’s Mediterranean Café and trying out their delicious gyros? Check out their menu and prices here:

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